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Welcome to the Open Source supplementary course for the School of Engineering. This is your second semester, irrespective of your course ( Frontend, Backend, Cloud ), this course will be inclusive of all learning tracks.


Open Source is a flourishing and beneficial ecosystem that publicly solves problems in communities and industries using software through a decentralized model and community contributions. On the other hand, version control is an essential part of everyday modern-day software engineering practices and is the core backbone of open-source. This course will introduce you to Open Source and Version Control with Git and GitHub, as well as why you should care about open source and how it may help you grow and advance your career. At the end  of this course, you will have learned:

  • The history and importance of open-source
  • How to get started with open-source
  • How to use Git to version control your code
  • How to effectively use GitHub as a software engineer
  • How to contribute to open-source projects the right way
  • How to process feedback as a software engineer
  • How to create, maintain, and sustain open-source projects


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • A working laptop running on any operating system
  • An IDE and required tools for programming
  • Zeal to learn
  • A smile on your face 🙂


Courses would be released on a weekly basis. Every week, the course for that week would be made available. You would have full access to previous courses but would only be able to view the next week’s course when it’s actually next week.


Learning is a continuous process. While we would cover as many concepts as possible, we also advice you to make research on your own to further your learning. Not only would this broaden your knowledge on the said concept, it’ll make your problem solving and researching skills better.


It’s 100% okay to relax and do nothing once in a while, set realistic goals in your learning progress and take time out of your free period to engage in other activities. Make friends with your peers and communicate with respect and empathy.

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