Frontend Engineering Third Semester

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Diploma in Frontend engineering is a one-year course that offers students 90% practical and 10% theoretical learning, giving students the ability to learn real-life skills that are marketable in today’s world. Students who enrol in our Diploma program would get a Diploma certificate from our University that is accredited and is recognised worldwide. A graduate of our Diploma in Frontend Engineering would be able to:

  • Develop pixel-perfect website layouts using HTML and CSS.
  • Build responsive web UIs with Flexbox and Grid
  • Build interactive websites using JavaScript.
  • Comfortably build with either React, Vue, Gatsby, ChackraUI, or any JavaScript UI libraries.
  • Write clean code and document processes.
  • Work comfortably with other team members both locally and remotely via Git.
  • Deploy Frontend apps to several web hosting services like Netlify, AWS, etc.
  • Comfortably work with backend engineers.
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