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Diploma in Backend engineering is a one-year course that offers students 90% practical and 10% theoretical learning, giving students the ability to learn real-life skills that are marketable in today’s world. Students who enrol in our Diploma program would get a Diploma certificate from our University that is accredited and is recognised worldwide. A graduate of our Diploma in Backend Engineering would be able to:

  • Build website layouts using HTML and CSS3.
  • Understand Python internals and its core modules.
  • Work comfortably with other team members both locally and remotely via Git.
  • Create scalable APIs that are easy to maintain with the Fast API.
  • Perform CRUD operations and manipulate data in relational and non-relational databases.
  • Understand databases and how to secure them
  • Secure APIs and user data with robust Authentication and Authorization practices.
  • Write unit and integration tests with extensive code coverage.
  • Learn basic deployment using several cloud technologies


The student taking this course is expected to be familiar with using the computer, the internet and researching resources online. Knowledge of programming and being comfortable with a language is valuable and being comfortable working in the terminal is an advantage. However, these are not compulsory requirements to take the course.


Courses would be released on a weekly basis. Every week, the course for that week would be made available. You would have full access to previous courses but would only be able to view the next week’s course when it’s actually next week.


Learning is a continuous process. While we would cover as many concepts as possible, we also advice you to make research on your own to further your learning. Not only would this broaden your knowledge on the said concept, it’ll make your problem solving and researching skills better.


It’s 100% okay to relax and do nothing once in a while, set realistic goals in your learning progress and take time out of your free period to engage in other activities. Make friends with your peers and communicate with respect and empathy.

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